Billions of transactions a day. Thousands of distributed components. Dynamic workloads. The reality of hyperscale cloud-native applications is a big data reality where the app environment changes rapidly on short time scales.

In this world of increasing architectural complexity, detecting and diagnosing application performance problems has never been more elusive. You need complete, in-depth, and granular visibility into apps and their environment—at scale. Sampling or snapshotting is no longer an acceptable trade off.

Magnified complexity

Demanding users, frequent release schedules and transient cloud/container resources—the modern cloud-native app environment is in a risky state of constant flux. If you blink, you’ll miss it.

Hard to manage

With numerous tools and platforms, and thousands of components to manage and orchestrate, CI/CD teams need to simplify monitoring and reduce administrative overhead across the cloud-native ecosystem.

Incomplete visibility

A detailed “big data” view is necessary to comprehensively profile performance in cloud native environments that generate 18x more data than traditional monolithic apps—but legacy APM is not up to the task.

Simplify cloud-native APM

Get high definition insight with simplified APM that is easy to use and deploy, and unifies visibility across end users, apps, networks, and the cloud-native ecosystem.

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Accelerate troubleshooting

Combine monitoring and observability for the most complete distributed tracing in the industry. With Aternity’s big data approach, you will always have all the evidence you need to troubleshoot issues quickly in production.

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Continually optimize performance

Comprehensively profile performance during dev/test, and visualize key dependencies in conjunction with usage profiles to identify and optimize application code components with the greatest impact on business outcomes and cloud costs.

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Get visibility across the app ecosystem

Monitor transactions, containers, and microservices running on modern cloud-native application infrastructure, including Docker, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, Pivotal Platform, OpenStack, IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services ECS/EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS).

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Aternity was used to benchmark pre-migration performance for comparison against the new multi-cloud infrastructure. In conjunction with the EUEM solution, the APM solution has been a “lifeline” that isolates back-end performance issues to an application tier or a hardware deficiency.

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