To deliver world-class video, audio, and screen sharing, augment Webex's usage monitoring capabilities with actual user experience monitoring.

Achieve collaboration goals

Prove your Cisco Web deployment actually improves collaboration.

Keep pace with change

App or network changes can affect unified communications service quality.

Responsibility without control

IT is held accountable for cloud-based unified communications performance but doesn’t control the infrastructure on which it runs.

How Aternity Solves These Challenges

Track performance and adoption

Analyze performance and usage trends across the enterprise to ensure adoption goals are met.

Validate changes

Compare performance before and after your vendor makes app and infrastructure changes to ensure they result in better service.

Resolve problems quickly

Isolate problems to the client device, network, or even the device headset. Identify common characteristics of affected users.

See how

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Manage Collaboration App Usage and Performance
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5 Tips to Managing Collaboration App Sprawl in Remote Work
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We can now be more proactive because we don’t have as many fires to put out. With Aternity we’re monitoring the heartbeat of the business; if there is an issue we’re often ahead of it.

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