Continuous improvement of digital experience for your employees and customers

Only Aternity DXI enables you to tailor your digital experience goals based on industry benchmarks and your own business requirements. You can trend performance, associate gaps to lost productivity or revenue, and drill into the worst performing areas for root cause analysis and rapid remediation.

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Organizations are focused on improving digital experience for their employees and customers, but they lack information on where to invest to drive the greatest business value.

Connect IT performance to business outcomes

Current monitoring tools provide a flood of technical telemetry disconnected from the business.

Set relevant digital experience goals

Lack of real-time access to industry benchmarks to gauge digital dexterity relative to industry peers.

Invest for the biggest pay-off

Communicate the value of digital experience investments in business terms to foster on-going improvement.

How Aternity Solves These Challenges

Immediately identify what to improve

Aternity DXI automatically  calculates your overall digital experience score and identifies the specific areas needing improvement. 

Develop custom-tailored digital experience goals

Tailor your digital experience goals relative to the market or to your historical baseline and measure what’s most important to you. 

Benchmark your digital experience against industry peers

Analyze your company’s digital experience against the industry to make more informed investment decisions. 

Identify the business impact of poor performance

Aternity automatically shows the business impact of potential improvements on employee productivity. 

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