Deploy and manage devices and productivity apps that meet business requirements at the right cost, while keeping up with constant change and the introduction of new technologies.

Complex environments

Broad range of technologies to support, including SaaS, mobile, and virtualization.

Control costs

Target device and app expenditures to where they're really needed.

Fit for purpose

Deliver device and app performance to meet business needs.

How Aternity Solves These Challenges

Manage the ENTIRE device estate

Monitor user experience on your entire device estate– laptop, PC, virtual desktop environment and mobile devices – to ensure performance meets business requirements.

Manage BYOD

Save money with “smart” device refresh

Identify whether you need to replace devices in your estate, or whether they already deliver adequate end user experience.

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Validate the impact of change

Get assurance that changes result in better service, by analyzing the business impact of changes to devices, applications, or operating systems.

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Improve collaboration app performance

Ensure the performance of collaboration apps like Office 365 and Skype for Business meet business requirements.

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Solution Brief

Aternity for Managing Remote Employee Experience

Insights into the impact of the shift to remote work on employee experience

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Aternity for Office 365: Addressing 3 Key Digital Experience Challenges

Track O365 adoption AND performance, troubleshoot issues quickly, and hold SaaS vendors accountable

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Manage Collaboration App Usage and Performance

With Aternity Digital Experience Management, tracking usage and performance of collaboration apps like Teams, Skype for Business, Webex, and Zoom is just like managing any other business-critical app. Track adoption and performance across the enterprise, and troubleshoot user issues proactively, remotely, and non-invasively.

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Solution Brief

Aternity for Microsoft Apps and Devices

End-User Experience Monitoring for troubleshooting and validating change for Office, Windows, and Surface Tablets

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Manage Remote Workforce SlideShare

Aternity Digital Experience Monitoring provides IT and business insight into the employee experience for your digital workplace, even through the step-jump shift to a remote workforce.

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Solution Brief

Managing Employee Experience in a Digital Workplace

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We realized our existing device performance monitoring tool couldn’t tell us what our workforce was actually experiencing, because it simply didn’t measure most of it. Plus, the data it provided was hard to interpret and didn’t scale.

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We want employees to have access to everything on one device…to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Aternity has enabled us to deliver against all our success criteria. Performance, the monitoring of applications, fast page load times... It has excelled in every use case.

Stefan Somogyi System Specialist Expert, Raiffeisen Schweiz, Raiffeisen Group Read Now
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