Delivering optimal application performance, even during peak periods, is how companies delight their online customers and maximize revenue growth. In a world of ever-increasing customer expectations, with the competition only a click away, it is especially crucial to prevent customer abandonment and revenue leakage due to unforeseen downtime or poor performance. Companies need to ensure apps are properly profiled in dev/test and that app teams always have all the evidence they need to troubleshoot issues quickly in production.

Incomplete visibility

A comprehensive view into all transactions is necessary to ensure optimal performance and eliminate blind spots—especially in high throughput environments where patchy monitoring has become an acceptable trade off.

Cloud-native complexity

With numerous tools and thousands of components to manage and orchestrate, CI/CD teams need to simplify monitoring and reduce administrative overhead across the cloud-native ecosystem.

Managing change

Without high definition monitoring, the modern app environment is in a risky state of constant flux. With frequent release schedules and transient cloud/container resources, if you blink, you’ll miss it.

Continually improve website performance

Continuously monitor and profile apps as new features and upgrades are rolled out to ensure optimum performance. Improve site design based on feature usage and abandonment patterns, and increase customer engagement by ensuring an excellent digital experience.

Troubleshoot third-party services

Avoid the frustration and lost productivity of waiting days or weeks for the vendor by proactively identifying issues and delivering sufficient evidence for troubleshooting. Enable the vendor to deliver a quick turnround—or even resolve the issue yourself!

Profile performance during dev/test

Visualize key dependencies in conjunction with usage profiles to identify and optimize application code components with the greatest impact on business outcomes and cloud costs.

Delight customers even during peak times

Proactively identify trends and anomalies, and address potential issues well before they are amplified by high transaction volumes or otherwise become significant enough to impact the customer experience.


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