The Work From Everywhere (WFE) Enterprise

    As the global pandemic drags on, it has become increasingly clear that companies across industries are planning the next normal of the future of work with a much longer-term view. They have moved from serially extending temporary work-from-home (WFH) arrangements to establishing permanent policies.

    Explore how the shift to work-from-everywhere is influencing technology investments and impacting productivity.

    • How does the current share of remote work globally point to long-term WFE trends and inform future digital employee experience investments?
    • How are CIOs investing in newer employee devices to support the growing permanent remote workforce?
    • How do different generations of devices impact productivity?
    • How do industries compare on employee device investment and resulting productivity?

    The findings from the Global Remote Work Productivity Tracker are based on data aggregated from millions of employee devices from hundreds of global companies being managed via the Aternity Digital Experience Management Platform, an enterprise SaaS solution.

    The Global Remote Work Productivity Tracker, V6
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