The Digital Experience and Productivity of Employees Along the Post-pandemic Workplace Spectrum

    The brisk pace of COVID-19 vaccination, coupled with the reopening of economies, is changing how companies think about the future workplace. Indeed, while the ways companies are thinking about the future workplace have changed, what hasn’t changed is the uncertainty of when – or if – the herd immunity threshold will be reached that will allow for companies to think longer-term about the digital employee experience.

    The Remote Work Productivity Tracker, Volume 8, examines the digital experience and productivity of employees along this spectrum by comparing a week in the life of an employee working exclusively at home, one working exclusively in the office, and two who split their time between office and remote in a hybrid workplace model.

    • What is the difference in the digital experience and its impact on productivity for 100% remote vs. hybrid vs. 100% office employees?
    • What are the differences in digital experience and productivity for employees who split their time between the office and remote?
    • What are the implications for the business? How should companies decide which roles should have hybrid options, and what technologies provide optimized performance for remote employees?
    • What technology factors change the productivity of employees when shifting between remote and in-office work?

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