What Can AIOps REALLY Do For You?

    Recent advances in machine learning are shaping the future of IT .

    How do you analyze the vast volumes of data generated by today’s highly-distributed, dynamic applications and infrastructure? AIOps (or Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) is more than a buzzword – it’s emerging as a viable way to enable and support the digitization of business processes. Recent advances in the field of machine learning are enabling Aternity and Riverbed to innovate based on state-of-the-art technologies straight out of academia—and into the real world.

    “Gartner predicts that large enterprise exclusive use of AIOps and digital experience monitoring tools to monitor applications and infrastructure will rise from 5% in 2018 to 30% in 2023.”1

    Join us for a webinar featuring George Cybenko, Gramm Professor of Engineering at Dartmouth and IEEE fellow, as we discuss:

    • The evolution of AI
    • The real difference between AI and ML
    • Practical applications of AI for IT Operations
    • What to expect in AI and ML over the next decade


    Dr. George Cybenko
    Dartmouth College, Gramm
    Professor of Engineering
    Dr. Vincent Berk
    Riverbed Technology
    Chief Security Architect

    What Can AIOps REALLY Do For You?
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