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Adopting the cloud can mean a loss of control and uncertainty. Building new apps or migrating existing ones can have unpredictable outcomes. With Aternity bundled in, DevOps teams get the end-to-end visibility they need, into their cloud and Kubernetes app deployments, to improve performance and user experience.

Aternity delivers high definition monitoring and mapping of your distributed and dynamic cloud-native applications running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, including AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) and AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). With its big data capability—capturing every transaction in full detail at scale—Aternity APM gives you the ability to isolate root causes within minutes for quick troubleshooting and resolution.


Solution Benefits

Unified Visibility that is Easy to Deploy and Simple to Manage

Aternity delivers:

  • Non-intrusive instrumentation for monitoring apps running in AWS ECS/EKS
  • Auto-discovery of applications, containers and their relationships
  • Single agent for container, app, wire, and log data, along with integrated analytics
  • High definition (1-second) monitoring of Amazon hosts


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