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AppInternals in 15 Minutes

Aternity March 22, 2016


‘Time Flies like an Arrow; Fruit Flies like a Banana’ – Groucho Marx

That’s a famous quote by the also famous Groucho Marx. That quote illustrates two things; first—Groucho Marx was a brilliant comedian, and second—time, like the flight of an arrow, passes very quickly!

So, anyway, speaking of time passing quickly and brilliance, I was wondering how I could relate how brilliant AppInternals truly is and how to do that in a short amount of time? I recently took a series of classes on a technical subject, and the thing I really liked about it was that each of the classes was presented as a video and each one was from 10 to 15 minutes long! Brilliant! Just about the time your mind started to wander to what was for dinner, the video was ending! Short and to the point, just how I like it.

So, I thought why not put together a short video that shows the value of AppInternals? Then I decided that I would make it no longer than 15 minutes. As a part of this blog post, you’ll see my video ‘AppInternals in 15 Minutes’. In it, I’ll walk you through the home page, the various screens and how you can quickly isolate problems. How, with literally three or four clicks of the mouse, you can get down to root-cause analysis and figure out in seconds, why your application is slow. And, just like a trip to the dentist, or dinner at your mother-in-law’s, it’s over quickly, and you’re better off for it!

You can get more information at http://www. AppInternals .com, and, if you are so inclined, you can even sign up and download all you need to try it out on your own! Install it and you’ll have a license for a couple of weeks. And the good news is, you’ll have it up and running in like 15 minutes! You could say it would be ‘AppInternals in 15 Minutes’…and that my friends, is brilliant!



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