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Can Your APM Tool Really Support Your Digital Business?

Riverbed Technology June 6, 2018

This morning, like so many, I began my work day by leaving the house, opening Waze, Interacting with Appsand planning my commute to the office. As I was walking in, I checked my calendar on my phone. When I arrived at my desk, immediately opened Outlook and checked my inbox. What’s special about that?  Well, in a word, nothing.

The bottom line is that we interact with applications ubiquitously. We leverage them to choose restaurants, conduct banking transactions, process our expenses and generally do business. And enterprise focus on digital transformation is only accelerating this pervasiveness. In fact, companies are recognizing this dynamic as well. In a recent Riverbed survey, 98% of business decision makers identify the need to optimize digital performance as an essential component to business performance.

Here is the issue. While performance is important, very few companies manage application performance effectively. In fact, according to the survey, 80% of respondents indicate that poor performance impacts digital services at least once per month.

The truth is that our industry has reached a tipping point. Big digital investments across every vertical drive unprecedented digital business growth and change. Managing this business well is paramount to your success, but how do you do this?

Over the past decade, game changing technology enablers have been fueling your growth and transformation: cloud, mobile, containerization, modern application architectures, bring your own device (BYOD). It’s all great stuff until you have to put it all together and, more importantly, ensure that all those great technologies help you deliver a better service to your customers and users. And there lies the issue.

  • How do you obtain a high degree of user and customer intimacy given the complexity of your environment?
  • How do you ensure you know everything about every one of your customers and users, their actual experience with their every business activity, every one of their transactions with every application?
  • If your current application performance management (APM) investment falls short on any of these fronts, why?

The majority of APM tools were developed with a much narrower scope in mind. They provide AppDev focused capabilities that work best in limited pre-production environments. Supporting true enterprise scale, measuring the end user experience directly, and capturing highly rich data, were not points of focus. These tools have not evolved sufficiently to meet the challenging requirements of the new digital enterprise. Here are four simple questions to ask regarding the capabilities of your current APM tool:

4 questions to ask about your APM tool

Digital businesses need a solution that monitors all users, all apps, captures all data & transactions, all the time. We have launched a new generation of APM. Today, Riverbed announced a new SteelCentral APM approach that unifies two powerful solutions:

  • SteelCentral AppInternals – the only Big Data APM solution that offers the scale and data quality required by today’s Digital Business. We are the only solution that captures all Transactions and their associated meta-data, and the MOST Performance Data, all the time
  • SteelCentral Aternity – the only true end user experience monitoring (EUEM) solution that directly monitors the actual user experience for all applications on any device, all the time

By combining these two powerhouses, we are offering a Unified APM solution that no other vendor in the market does today:

  • A simple, single license for the agent collecting data from user end points and back end application components. This is the only line item to sell, making the procurement process simpler than ever. Customers can deploy, transfer or redeploy these licenses flexibly to meet their needs today and in the future. This means you can maintain performance monitoring even when shifting their apps to and from the cloud. In a world where change is constant, you can leverage this approach to drive value for your company.
  • One stop SaaS-based management for all apps and all users – for the first time ever, you will not need to install multiple management servers or have to rely on disjointed monitoring tools to make sense of the performance of your digital business. Everything you need to fully manage their user experience is in one place.

In addition, we are enhancing our already industry leading capabilities for managing APM big data. Where other solutions fail to capture transactional data, performance metrics and rich, meta data, SteelCentral is enhancing its industry leading scalability for APM. We currently monitor billions of transactions a day at for some of our largest APM customers. With a new clustered architecture, we anticipate an order of magnitude (10x) increase in our ability to scale.

You cannot afford to be let down by the current inadequacies of legacy APM tools. Take a few minutes to learn about how SteelCentral is reinventing APM to help your digital business by attending the webinar. Your digital business will thank you for it!

Interested in hearing more? Join our global webcast featuring Aetna, IDC and Riverbed for a discussion and demonstration on how we are revolutionizing APM for the digital era. Learn more about how we’re reinventing APM.

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