End User Experience Monitoring: I Bet Your Tool Can’t Do THIS! Part 1

Mike Marks August 1, 2017
Unlike Device Performance Monitoring products, Aternity enables IT to track the impact of IT performance on workforce productivity

Improve workforce productivity and customer service

End User Experience MonitoringEveryone agrees that delivering an excellent digital experience to customers and employees is important. But it’s more difficult than you might think. IT must navigate a variety of obstacles to a successful Digital Experience Management strategy. One obstacle is the variety of teams from IT and the business which coordinate to deliver the digital business. Since each team has different responsibilities, they each require a different set of analytics to ensure they’re on track.

Your choice of End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) product plays a major role in addressing this challenge. And not all EUEM products are created equal. Make sure yours enables all of your teams to succeed. This blog is the first in a series that explains how SteelCentral Aternity End User Experience Monitoring addresses key digital experience use cases for these teams.

What business execs need from End User Experience Monitoring

Any discussion of the teams involved in a Digital Experience Management strategy should begin with business executives. After all, they’re the ones driving the strategy. And funding it! Companies spend millions on their digital transformation initiatives to drive up revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and improve workforce productivity. Since they’re paying the bill, business executives need their End User Experience Monitoring product to tell them whether or not they’re getting the return on their investment.

Migrating apps to the cloud. Rolling out mobile apps. Consolidating data centers. Upgrading to Windows 10. All of these are expensive propositions. When companies undertake changes like these, EUEM products should help business execs answer the following types of questions:

  • Has workforce productivity improved?
  • Are we better able to meet our service commitments to customers?
  • What changes in service consumption have occurred?

Watch this short video to see how Aternity addresses questions like these:

To improve workforce productivity, monitor end user experience from the point of consumption

Different End UsersTo address use cases relating to your workforce, you have to monitor end user experience from the point of IT consumption: the user’s device. Aternity is a device-based End User Experience Monitoring product that does just that. Aternity has some unique advantages over other products with different approaches to End User Experience Monitoring.

Aternity End User Experience Monitoring, Digital Experience Monitoring
Aternity monitors the actual end user experience of every local, web, SaaS, or thick client app, running on any device. It tracks “click to render” time for the business activities the user conducts on all of their apps, and provides color-coded status to indicate deviation from baselines.

Four advantages of Aternity End User Experience Monitoring

Complete knowledge of the workforce end user:  By querying Active Directory, Aternity automatically discovers key properties of the workforce end user, including their name, email address, role, department, and office location.

Discovery of EVERY application in use by the workforce: Unlike Application Performance Monitoring products, Aternity automatically discovers every local, web, cloud, or instrumented mobile app actively used by the workforce. Since it monitors from the point of consumption, it queries the directory of installed applications, and the state of the cursor to identify every application actually in use. For web apps, Aternity queries the browser for the URLs of the most commonly used external apps, and it automatically identifies internal web apps.

Zero configuration user experience monitoring: Once you deploy the Aternity agent, you don’t need to take any other action to get an indication of the user experience of applications used by your workforce. Aternity automatically creates a User Experience Index (UXI) that combines performance metrics, like wait time and page load time, with health indicators, like crashes, hangs, and errors.

End user experience monitoring business activities
Device-based EUEM products monitor business activities, like “look up a patient record”

Business activity analytics: Unlike other products, Aternity enables business execs to monitor their users’ interactions with applications in the context of a business workflow, without tagging the code. With Aternity you can monitor the response time of key steps like “look up a customer record” for a call center CRM app. Or “process a claim” for a field service agent’s claims management app. Or “review current prescriptions” for an EHR app. Aternity automatically sets baselines for normal performance of these activities, and alerts you when they’re violated.

Get started with Aternity today!

Aternity Free TrialIf you’d like to see more about how Aternity End User Experience Monitoring can help you improve workforce productivity and customer service, you can get started within minutes.

With millions of endpoints managed in our SaaS environment, Aternity enables customers to get up and running fast, with no major capital investment, hardware provisioning, or server deployment. Start your free trial today to see how you can improve the end user experience of your digital workforce.

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