Introducing Aternity User Journey Intelligence

Scott Grant November 22, 2021

The biggest benefit of modern Digital Experience Management (DEM) platforms is the ability to use telemetry to drive business results for employees and customers. By monitoring employee devices and the applications they use, our customers can find the issues that are having the most impact on employee productivity and digital experience for both employees and customers.

Today we’re excited to announce the addition of User Journey Intelligence to our DEM Platform. User Journey Intelligence adds major capabilities—Real User Monitoring and Synthetic Transaction Monitoring—plus support for OpenTelemetry for application monitoring.  Combined with End User Experience Monitoring, Device Performance Monitoring, and Application Performance Monitoring, UJI gives users an even deeper look at digital experience from the customer’s view, including real numbers on revenue impact.

Full Spectrum DEM

Aternity User Journey Intelligence provides contextualized visibility and actionable insights into user journeys across complex web environments, enabling organizations to improve satisfaction and drive revenue. Aternity is now the only vendor in the market to provide full spectrum Digital Experience Management.

Screenshot of the User Journey Intelligence overview dashboard

What exactly is “full spectrum DEM?”

Think of it as a way to connect telemetry to business outcomes from employees to customers, and from front-end applications to the back-end infrastructure that powers them. This includes:

  • The measurable impact of digital experience on business outcomes AND technical telemetry.
  • Unified performance visibility of both employee devices AND the application service, including cloud-native environments.
  • A big data approach that captures and stores ALL transactions without sampling.
  • The ability to measure actual employee experience for ALL types of application

Let’s have a look at the new capabilities fueling full spectrum DEM.

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring is a straightforward method of actively monitoring a website: it commissions scripts to simulate user activity on a website or application to predict any issues that may arise. The setup is simple and involves no additions or changes to application code.

Screenshot of Synthetic overview dashboard

One of the primary benefits of STM is that it’s an “always on” form of monitoring to help catch customer-facing issues before they do, whether it’s in a staging environment, or live during off hours. But beyond that, this simple but effective monitoring helps with tag governance, website security, and finding what first- and third-party content is slowing down your site the most, including JS function tracing.

Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring passively monitors how real users interact with your website or application via an embedded JavaScript tag. This tag records the user experience data from your app or website from the moment they connect with it, providing real-time performance-related insights. You can easily visualize where users are bailing out and exactly what the revenue impact is when they do:

With Aternity User Journey intelligence, you can monitor users’ digital experience along their journey across your site and associate performance to business metrics like revenue, conversion rate, and abandonment rate.


Aternity’s support for OpenTelemetry means that now our customers can monitor any modern web application built on a variety of languages like php, Python and Go, plus compatibility with popular open-source tracing tools like Jaeger and Zipkin.

Aternity distributed tracing supports cloud-native observability at scale, by capturing and storing every transaction in the context of a user’s business activity, without sampling, and associating it to the performance of the underlying microservices architecture.


There’s a lot to think about here, but it’s easy to get started with Aternity User Journey Intelligence with a free trial, or a simple conversation to assess your current needs. Reach out to us directly if you’d like to learn more, and keep an eye out for additional posts about these new capabilities!