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Mobile APM, A Key Component of Your Digital Experience Management Strategy

Mike Marks June 12, 2017

B2B Mobile AppsThe role that mobile apps play in digital transformation has never been stronger. You better believe your CEO knows it. According to Gartner’s 2017 CEO Survey, 42% of CEOs are taking a “Digital First” or “Digital to the Core” approach to digital business. More often than not, these approaches rely on mobile apps. Of course, your customers are using mobile apps to interact with your company throughout the buying cycle. So you need a mobile Application Performance Management (APM) product to ensure those apps earn a “five star” rating. Problems like crashes, errors, and slow response can negatively impact your customers’ digital experience, with disastrous effects on your business.

Assure mobile app reliability for your customers AND workforce

Mobile APM for B2C and B2B mobile appsCustomers aren’t the only users whose digital experience you need to worry about. Enterprises rolling out mobile workspace solutions are providing business critical mobile apps to their employees as well, so they can get real-time, secure access whenever and wherever they are.

Retailers use mobile Point of Sale (POS) apps in an“Apple Store” model to create a personal shopping experience for customers. Field service technicians use mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps to process orders on site at their customers’ homes. Health care practitioners use Electronic Health Record (EHR) apps on tablets to interact with patients in the waiting room, recovery room, or anywhere in between.

What’s often missing from an enterprise’s Digital First strategy is the ability to assure the reliability and quality of mobile apps used by both customers and the workforce. That’s where SteelCentral Digital Experience Management comes into play.

Watch this short video to see how mobile APM should play a key role your Digital Experience Management strategy.

SteelCentral integrates Mobile APM into Digital Experience Management

With SteelCentral, you can ensure a seamless user experience across mobile, virtual, and physical devices requires for all of the business critical apps in your portfolio—local, web, cloud, or mobile. Your operations team can rely on the same workflow, the same processes, and the same product to manage EVERY business critical app in the portfolio. No matter whether those apps are local, web, cloud, or mobile. That means faster troubleshooting, fewer hand-offs, better IT efficiency, and better digital experience—for your customers and your workforce. Read the SteelCentral Mobile APM solution brief to learn more.

Or better yet, start your SteelCentral Aternity free trial to get rolling!

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