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Monitoring SAP from the End User’s Perspective – Easier Said than Done

Mike Marks July 18, 2019
Four key benefits of monitoring SAP user experience from the point of consumption - the user's device

end user experience monitoringThe multiple layers of interdependent proprietary layers in the SAP environment complicate troubleshooting SAP application issues. Monitoring SAP to capture the end user’s perspective is easier said than done. With Aternity, IT teams can ensure an excellent end user experience for SAP.

Enterprises rely on SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics (SMD), Computing Center Management System (CCMS), System Guard for SAP®, or third-party SAP monitoring tools for checking the availability and response time of the data center components and cloud infrastructure supporting SAP. But IT requires additional SAP monitoring capabilities to understand the actual end user experience of the workforce as they use SAP business applications in the course of their jobs.

Change management in SAP is complex. Whether it is transitioning SAP from ECC to S/4HANA, or upgrading to the latest enhancement pack of SAP ERP or version of SAP Fiori. SAP monitoring tools should provide IT visibility into end user experience to ensure these changes actually result in better service. After all, what counts is the user experience your finance, manufacturing, sales, or support employees see when they conduct SAP transactions.

Monitoring SAP with Aternity End User Experience Monitoring

Aternity End User Experience Monitoring
Aternity monitors end user experience for any type of enterprise app running on laptops, PCs, VDI, or mobile devices

Aternity augments the SAP monitoring capabilities available from SAP itself and third-party vendors. It automatically monitors and correlates together the three streams of data that constitute true user experience. These are user productivity, device health and performance, and application performance.

Domain-specific IT management products monitor performance and availability of a portion of the IT infrastructure. But Aternity monitors the end user experience of SAP, and every other business critical application, from the perspective of the end user’s device. With Aternity, you can address a broad set of IT Service Management challenges for the entire IT organization and the line of business.

Troubleshooting SAP business applications from the user’s perspective

Aternity augments SAP monitoring products, like SMD, CCMS, or System Guard, by monitoring the “click to render” time of the major steps within SAP Transaction Code processes. It notifies IT operations when response time exceeds automatically generated baselines or manually established thresholds. With Aternity, you get the following capabilities for troubleshooting SAP.

Troubleshoot SAP
Troubleshoot slow response in SAP business applications by monitoring the response time of the key steps within the SAP Transaction Code process, isolating the source of delay, and displaying information by department, location, device type, or backend. In this case, the network is the primary source of delay for the Search Account transaction.

The dashboard below shows how you can isolate the likely cause of end user problems by analyzing the characteristics shared by affected users. Then you can drill down into the details of the application or device to investigate issues.

troubleshoot SAP
Isolate the likely cause of end user problems by analyzing the characteristics shared by affected users, then drill down into the details of the application or device to investigate issues.

Monitor the end user experience of any local, cloud, or enterprise mobile app

Aternity enables End User Services teams to troubleshoot end user issues quickly by correlating application performance and health (including key steps within an SAP Transaction Code process), as seen by the end user, to the performance and health of the user’s device. End User Services teams can use Aternity for troubleshooting and monitoring SAP in the following ways.

  • Validate user complaints automatically. No need for excessive user interrogation or stopwatch timing.
  • Troubleshoot in real-time and historically, non-invasively, without impacting the user’s productivity.
  • Isolate problems to the user’s device, the network, or the application back end to reduce finger-pointing.
  • Resolve issues quickly by drilling into device details to pinpoint device components causing the problem.
Monitoring and Troubleshooting SAP
Review all of a user’s applications running on any device. Identify every business activity performed, including major steps of SAP Transaction Code processes, and track response time vs. baseline. Use color-coded status to immediately validate complaints of poor application performance. In this case, the majority of delay in the “Search Account” transaction is due to the S/4HANA backend.

Validate the impact of IT change on workforce productivity and customer service

With Aternity, business and IT executives can measure the impact on end user experience of strategic IT projects, like cloud, mobility, and data center transformation. They can do the same for more routine, tactical changes like upgrading to the latest version of SAP ERP and Fiori or making changes to the S/4HANA backend.

  • Validate the impact of change by analyzing end user experience before and after a change to infrastructure, applications, or devices, to ensure the desired results are achieved.
  • Quantify the financial impact of app performance on workforce productivity by analyzing every transaction made on business critical apps, including key steps within SAP Transaction Code processes.
  • Determine where investment is needed most by analyzing Transaction Code process step performance relative to SLAs, by department or geography.
  • Analyze trends in app adoption across the enterprise to track the effectiveness of key strategic initiatives like cloud, mobile, and virtualization.
Monitor SAP, troubleshoot SAP
Validate the impact of a change to applications like SAP ERP or Fiori by comparing the response time of key SAP Transaction Code process steps before and after the change. In this case, the change results in slower response for the Search Account and Create Account transactions.

Start monitoring SAP today

Aternity Free TrialAternity helps you ensure the reliability of SAP and every other business-critical application, running on mobile, virtual, and physical devices. With millions of endpoints managed in our SaaS environment, Aternity enables customers to get up and running fast, with no major capital investment, hardware provisioning, or server deployment. Start your free trial today to see how you can improve SAP end user experience.


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