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SteelCentral Digital Experience Insight’s Windows 10 Migration

Riverbed Technology April 4, 2018

Windows 10 migration statistics are everywhere, but they often extrapolate from surveys of ‘representative’ companies. This analysis from SteelCentral is different. It provides a reliable, live snapshot of Windows 10 migration. Its conclusions are based on real data from over a million devices from hundreds of companies around the world being monitored by SteelCentral running in the cloud.

SteelCentral Aternity presents an accurate picture of the Windows 10 migration curve, because our SaaS-based product monitors performance, from the end user viewpoint, in companies of all sizes across multiple industry sectors. This adds up to a clear, factual picture of the current status of Windows 10 adoption.

The data shows a clear trend towards migration, which is just getting started in most enterprises. With the release of Microsoft Windows 10 Autumn Creators Update 1711, all eyes are keenly watching the speed of uptake in different industry sectors.

With SteelCentral Aternity, customers are ideally equipped to monitor their migrations using powerful dashboards which show the end user impact of long term migrations, allowing them to adjust their approach as they implement this sea-change across devices in their enterprises. Watch this short video to see how Aternity can help you de-risk your own Windows 10 migration.

Windows 10 device distribution, by geography

Half of all devices reporting to SteelCentral in the Americas and EMEA run Windows 10, while in APAC, 1 in 3 use Windows 10. Rushing into modernization with its new features always has the cost of potential incompatibilities, teething problems, and integration with critical legacy systems.

Windows 10 Migration Digital Experience Index SteelCentral Aternity

According to data gathered by SteelCentral Aternity from  enterprises around the world, Windows 10 runs on:

  • 50% of devices in North and South America;
  • 48% of devices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • 33% of devices in the Asia Pacific region;

North and South America and EMEA lead the way in moving to the Windows 10, while APAC are more cautious in their embrace of this new platform. Nevertheless, even in the Americas, nearly half of all monitored devices still run Windows 7. It is also worth noting that Windows 8 deployments are consistently modest, never making it to 5% of deployed devices.

Enterprise Windows 10 migration progress, by geography

The next set of data shows progress toward Windows 10 migration, in terms of the percentage of an enterprise devices that now run Windows 10.

Windows 10 Migration, Digital Experience Insights, SteelCentral AternityEMEA leads with a quarter of enterprises nearly completed migrating to Windows 10. More than half in EMEA and the Americas are still in the very early stages of migration.

While more than half of enterprises in EMEA and the Americas are still only just starting their migration to Windows 10, all regions show that around 1 in 5 enterprises are already in well into their migration.

In terms of completing upgrades to Windows 10, companies in EMEA are ahead of those in the Americas and APAC, with 24% already in in the homestretch of their migration, compared to just 13% in the Americas.

In APAC, 1 in 4 enterprises are in the middle of migrating to Windows 10, more than all other regions. However, a significant proportion (42%) are only taking their first steps.  Clearly there are broad opportunities for assisting and monitoring Windows 10 migrations around the world.

Enterprise Windows 10 migration maturity, by industry

In this data set, SteelCentral shows the Windows 10 migration progress, by industry. Shedding light on industry trends can make a big difference to your decision-making process, by showing you your regional landscape and telling you if you are ahead or behind other companies in your field. How does your company compare to your competitors?

Digital Experience Insight, Windows 10 migration, SteelCentral Aternity40% of energy and legal companies are towards the end of their migration to Windows 10. In most other sectors, about half of companies have already started their migrations, but pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are the most conservative, with 73% still just starting.

Aternity’s data shows a significant variance in Windows 10 migration across different industries. Are you ahead or behind your competitors?

  • Energy sector: Nearly 70% of companies are well into or completing their migration.
  • Legal sector: Over 40% are in the middle of their migration, half are just starting.
  • Manufacturing, Finance and Insurance: 40% are in the middle or completing their migration.
  • Healthcare: 73% have not started or in very early stages.

Digital experience insights with SteelCentral

SteelCentral provides comprehensive digital experience insights across the entire IT infrastracture. From end user devices, such as the one million being monitored today by Aternity, to networks, infrastructure, and applications. SteelCentral enables you to understand performance levels, resolve performance issues and improve service performance. With the SaaS-based implemention of SteelCentral, we can shed light on wider trends, enabling you to measure yourself against the progress of others in your industry and region. We’ll be providing SteelCentral Digital Experience Insights frequently, to report on industry trends from the SaaS-based implementation of Riverbed SteelCentral.

Use SteelCentral to de-risk your Windows 10 migration

SteelCentral has a variety of resources to help you ensure a successful, risk-free migration to Windows 10. Read our comprehensive Windows 10 migration guide to see how to incorporate SteelCentral Aternity into the Plan-Do-Check-Act change management process of the Deming Cycle. Or, watch our short Windows 10 migration webinar to see Aternity in action.

Free Trial Aternity End User Experience MonitoringIf you’re not yet an Aternity customer, you can explore the “validate change” use case and others with instant access to Aternity running in our cloud environment. Getting started is easy. Just register at:

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