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SteelCentral Release Advances Digital Experience Management

Riverbed Technology November 2, 2017

With 48% of companies leveraging digital to create new revenue streams,[1] it is clear that the role of digital business has become a core element of business as a whole. In addition to revenue streams, companies are rapidly adding digital initiatives to improve the customer experience, the partner experience and the employee experience.  The bottom line is that digital transformation has moved beyond marketing and consulting speak and is significantly impacting the day-to-day life of the average IT professional.

SteelCentral, the leader in Digital Experience ManagementUnfortunately, even while these initiatives create an expectation for higher performance, improved satisfaction, and new revenue streams, as much as 51% of companies indicate that lack of technology infrastructure and IT systems is a significant challenge to meeting digital priorities.[2] As a result, 78% of organizations experience inconsistency with digital experience quality,[3] and when service outages result form this inconsistency, companies can lose as much as $72,000 per minute.[4]

In June, Riverbed announced a significant release of the SteelCentral platform to address these issues. Our Digital Experience Management solution empowers customers to measure and troubleshoot all parts of the digital experience, from the user’s experience on the device to the back-end network, infrastructure, cloud and application.  And today, we are advancing that platform even further: extending our end-user experience management capabilities, introducing a revolutionary approach to container monitoring, and advancing our network management capabilities to better meet the growing requirements of big data environments.

Specifically, this release will benefit our customers by providing them with: 

Enriched end user performance monitoring & integrated visibility into digital experience

This release features integration between SteelCentral Aternity End User Experience Monitoring and SteelCentral NetProfiler network performance management. This eliminates the “blame game” between desktop services and network teams by delivering integrated visibility into the performance and health of end user devices and the networks that serve them. When combined with the integration between Aternity and AppInternals for 1-click drill down from the end user device to the application code, Riverbed SteelCentral is uniquely able to seamlessly monitor all aspects of the digital experience. This release also enhances interoperability with enterprise systems and features integration of Aternity end user experience data into ServiceNow.

Revolutionary approach to container monitoring for DevOps

Container-based approaches to application development have SteelCentral delivers innovation in container-based monitoringfundamentally changed DevOps, but have, at the same time complicated application performance management (APM).  To instrument containerized applications, the traditional APM approach has been to add script or code within the container itself.  This is in an added step for the DevOps teams which complicates and lengthens the application lifecycle. With this release, SteelCentral introduces a revolutionary approach to container monitoring which manages container and application performance without requiring modifications of the container image itself. Companies can instrument a broad array of containerized applications without the burden of having the development team make additional modifications.

In addition, the release introduces the ability to “stitch” application log messages into application performance data to a full end-to-end transaction record for every transaction. The enriched trace and log data vastly simplifies the effort in troubleshooting performance issues and application errors.

Large-scale network performance monitoring

As digital transformation drives change, the proliferation of big data environments has fundamentally shifted many companies’ networking environments. Industries such as financial services, healthcare, retail and government leverage robust networking environments to enable their day-to-day operations, but maintaining performance and continuity in these environments can be a mission-critical challenge. With this release, Riverbed vastly increases the ability for companies to manage network performance in large scale, large volume environments by improving the ability to capture network information and improving the resiliency of this process.

Learn more about these latest updates to SteelCentral.



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