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The Future of Visibility with Aternity SteelCentral

Aternity December 10, 2014


If you didn’t attend the Riverbed FORCE user conference or the live virtual event, you missed some amazing keynote speakers, including Intel’s CIO Kim Stevenson, Riverbed CEO Jerry Kennelly, and author Geoffery Moore. Riverbed SteelCentral SVP and General Manager Mike Sargent spoke on the future of application visibility and the importance of both longitudinal and latitudinal visibility in performance management.

Mike discusses how visibility will and must evolve as big data gets exponentially bigger. Visibility has evolved from a ‘siloed’ approcah to more comprehensive, an approach which we now provide with Riverbed SteelCentral. He further posits that from this complex visibility we will likely evolve network analytics and predictive visibility, and then to business-driven visibility, which ‘will assure reliability beyond IT components, and will assure reliability of the entire business process while delivering high-impact insights.’ Check out the highlights in the video:

Mike also explained Riverbed’s view of comprehensive visibility in greater detail. He went on to clarify that comprehensive visibility is comprised of two parts: longitudinal and latitudinal visibility. Learn more in the video:

If you want to see Mike’s full keynote and the rest of the FORCE keynotes just go here.


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