You Don’t Need Big Disks For Big Data (Two Billion Transactions and Counting)

Aternity May 12, 2016


Several months ago I published a blog about Aternity APM’s high-definition data and the benefits of capturing detail on every transaction—good and bad. Since then, several people have said it must be too good to be true. It must require terabytes of data to store that much detail.

With Aternity APM’s NoSQL database, you CAN capture billions of transactions on less disk space than what is probably in your laptop right now. Not only can you store it, but data retrieval is optimized so you can quickly retrieve meaningful, actionable transaction data.

Our demo system recently passed a milestone. We captured and stored our TWO BILLIONITH transaction. This detail is stored on less than 500 GB of disk.

In our environment, this is roughly seven weeks of data. Adding more disk space will extend our retention period, but the point is you don’t need big disks for big data.

Imagine that. No, realize that. Detail on EVERY transaction that runs through your environment. Complete visibility into your end user experience and application environment with minimal disk requirements.

When you have it all, you never miss a performance issue. What’s just as good, if not better, is that AppInternals users have all the forensic data to reconstruct past performance issues in great detail to accurately diagnose root cause so they can fix issues, even the intermittent ones, once and for all.

When you see everything, you know everything. You understand what a normal transaction looks like. You can compare last week’s normal to today’s slowdown. You can prove what did and what did NOT happen. Bottom line—you have all the detail you need to make meaningful, actionable decisions.

Isn’t it time you saw everything? Isn’t it time for you to have a true understanding of what is happening in your application environment?  Visit to learn more and to start getting complete visibility of your environment within fifteen minutes.