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    Digital Experience Management (DEM) has evolved from traditional network monitoring and application performance management (APM) to become an overwhelmingly important component of IT service delivery and IT-to-business alignment.

    Featuring recent EMA research on digital, user and customer experience management, this white paper explores the many dimensions of digital experience management and provides insights into:

    • The expanding scope and use cases for DEM
    • Why companies are failing at DEM
    • Principles and practices for effective DEM
    • Top 10 tips for a successful DEM implementation

    “While it might be tempting for IT organizations to ignore complexity and the many dimensions of DEM, EMA has a simple piece of advice: Don’t. Understanding the internal and external user experience is the key differentiator for businesses and IT to succeed in the digital age.”

    Enterprise Management Associates

    Best Practices for Successful Digital Experience Management
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