How to Ensure the Performance of Your Cloud-Native Apps

    Putting big data and automation at the core of your cloud-native strategy

    Every company wants to deploy faster and that requires automation. But while automation and orchestration can improve availability, they can also create opacity, especially in highly dynamic environments. This is where a big data approach to APM can help by connecting the large volume of metrics across all the tiers, surfacing critical performance gaps, user requirements, and new business opportunities.

    Join us for this webinar with Pivotal to learn:

    • How cloud automation helps you accelerate deployment and improve availability
    • Why big data is critical to identifying and resolving the root cause of performance issues in complex environments
    • How to prioritize development efforts with business needs


    Jon Hodgson
    Principal Scientist
    Koundinya Srinivasa Rao
    Senior Platform Architect

    How to Ensure the Performance of Your Cloud-Native Apps
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