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The integration of Aternity Digital Experience Management platform and Juriba’s Dashworks software provides command and control automation for multiple end user transformation and Evergreen IT projects. By managing the entire IT transformation project lifecycle, enterprises can make factual decisions that can accelerate adoption of the latest technology and deliver projects on time and within budget.


Solution Benefits

De-risk Windows 10 Migrations

Validate the impact of migrating to a new OS on device and application performance and actual end-user experience, so you know with certainty that employee experience will be as good or better than before the migration.


Exceed Your Office 365 Collaboration Goals

To ensure your Office 365 collaboration goals are met, get insight into performance and actual end user experience. Speed problem resolution by isolating application performance problems to the user’s device, the network, or the SaaS vendor’s back-end.


Ensure Successful Desktop and Application Virtualization Migrations

Use fact-based comparison of end-user experience and performance of apps running on virtual vs. physical devices to plan, manage, and troubleshoot virtual migrations and to expand deployment. 


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