DevOps teams and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) are constantly challenged to accelerate application delivery, optimize software development, and continuously fine-tune performance—all while ensuring releases meet business and performance objectives in production. 

Firefighting blind spots

Without sufficient data, troubleshooting teams are unable to identify or resolve app issues in production apps. Often much time is wasted either waiting for the problem to happen again, or in war rooms trying to isolate the source of a problem.

Performance profiling

Dev/test teams need to proactively identify and resolve bottlenecks before an app goes live to avoid issues in production.

Mix of technologies

With an ever-growing mix of open-source and commercial tools and cloud-native platforms, CI/CD teams are challenged to simplify monitoring and administrative overhead across the DevOps toolchain.

Accelerate MTTR

With Aternity’s big data approach, you will always have all the evidence you need to isolate root causes and rapidly troubleshoot issues in production. Trace every transaction end to end across every tier for the most complete distributed tracing in the industry.

Profile performance during dev/test

Proactively identify trends and anomalies, and address potential issues well before they are amplified by high transaction volumes or otherwise become significant enough to impact performance in production.

Continually improve app performance

Monitor and profile apps as new features and upgrades are rolled out to ensure optimum performance. Prioritize roadmap and troubleshooting projects based on feature usage and business impact.

Optimize cloud costs

Visualize key dependencies in conjunction with usage profiles to identify and optimize application code components with the greatest impact on cloud usage costs.



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We’re now able to look inside of the developers’ code—without having to modify the code—while it’s running in our production environment. That’s fantastic. I can’t imagine someone running a site of any real size without this capability.

Eric McGraw Global Web Systems Manager, National Instruments

Aternity gives us a circle of development that helps us to be responsive, pushes us to be proactive, positions us to be predictive, which then allows us to be pre-emptive. This is a result of having one solution that provides us with a complete view across networks, applications and end users.

Andy Lawrence Head of Production Services, Maersk Group

Thanks to Aternity, we are able to support two major processes: qualification of applications during the development phase as well as content visibility of services and business applications.

Jean-Noël Simonnet Chief Infrastructure Architect, Michelin
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