The Remote Work Productivity Tracker, V9

    With another surge in COVID infections threatening what has been a promising (although slow) return to the office for organizations around the world, finding productivity solutions in a work-from-everywhere world has taken on a renewed importance. Many leaders are once again revisiting the most effective working model for their industries, which has had a direct impact on employee devices. 

    The Remote Work Productivity Tracker, Volume 9, examines the supply and demand of employee devices, and the impact on productivity for the work-from-everywhere workforce. 

    In the latest version of the Remote Work Productivity Tracker, we explore: 

    • How the current share of remote work on a global scale points to long-term remote working trends across various industries. 
    • The evolution in the use of laptops vs. desktops to support the shift to a work-from-everywhere hybrid/remote employee model. 
    • The supply and demand effect on investments made in employee devices. 

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