The Four Dimensions of Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AIOps)

    The good news is that with built-in observability applications are exposing more data than ever before, both application metrics and valuable business metadata. But the exponential growth in application complexity and the amount of data modern apps generate makes sifting through the data and surfacing timely insights for IT and business teams extremely challenging.

    How do IT teams extract meaningful intelligence from petabytes of raw data? How can IT teams leverage automation to become more agile, more proactive and more predictive?

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    You’ll gain insight into:

    • Why companies are investing in AIOps
    • Data requirements for success in AIOps
    • Four factors to consider when embarking on your AIOps journey

    “Aternity gives us a circle of development that helps us to be responsive, pushes us to be proactive, positions us to be predictive, which then allows us to be pre-emptive.”

    Andy Lawrence
    Head of Production Services, Maersk

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